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Monday, October 1, 2007

weekend fun

After dinner with my friend on Friday night, we turned in early so that I could run some errands before Roan and I left for Wisconsin. I got my camera looked at at a local camera store. It was a rough look at, but it seems to still be functioning and to a hobbyist, like myself, I guess that's good enough.

We met up with cousins, Aleah (above) and Ethan, and Tais Nub at a little fair near their town. Aleah put on her rockstar grin. Roan was not very good at waiting in line so we didn't really go on any rides.

Roan loved the pony ride. So much so that he decided that he would just stay put until we forced him off. Luckily, there was about three minutes between his ride and the next customers. He was content to just be sitting on the horse even though it wasn't moving. He kept petting the horse's main.

I was too cheap to pay for feed and I didn't really want him feeding the animals anyways so he tried to feed it the hay that it was already eating on. The camel didn't really care for more hay.

On Sunday, I took some pictures of Aleah. I'll post them up later, but I loved how this captured them interacting together.

I had to open up my lens all of the way to keep the SS fast enough so that's why I couldn't get both of them in focus at the same time.

Ethan came down the stairs and he changed into shorts. He was carrying his shirt because he had some sort of reaction which was probably from rolling around in the grass. Roan thought it was wonderful so he came over and started pulling his shirt off. I indulged him.

They were dancing around, pretending to be rock stars.

I love these pictures and so will they one day when they are old farts like myself.

Roan loved playing with Laug Tom too. I think this is such a cute snapshot.

Ethan was posing for me. I have a series of shots of him doing kung fu poses. Little boys! :)


Shoua said...

Cute photos! You always capture Roan so well while he’s playing and just being himself. I’m glad to hear the camera is ok. Are you shooting with your lens kit? Are you going to replace the 50mm?

pakou said...

i thought i left you a msg yesterday, but somehow it didn't go through. anyways, i love the coloring in your photos and yes, i agree it's great that your camera is still working!

pinkpeony said...

love them! Post more photos of your weekend! I miss them sooooooo much. Makes me sad to know that Aleah is growing up without me. :(

pakou said...

you're right -- they have an orange tint to them here on my work monitor. I do most of my croping with the camera.

Christine said...

What happened to your camera?!? Looks like you guys had a great weekend - great colors in your pictures!