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Thank you for visting my blog. When I started this blog, it was just the vehicle for which I had hoped to share photos of our life in Chicagoland with our loved ones, but it has turned into so much more for me. Life is ever evolving in our household and time no longer stands still. Every moment is precious and worthy of being captured and treasured. In addition, through my love of the camera, I have had the opportunity to meet and also capture moments in others' lives. It is my hope, with this blog, that when my memory fails me, the words and photos on this blog will remind of where we were. History...Through My Glass...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the glass castle

I started a new book on Saturday. It's a memoir. However, it is written like fiction. I took a lunch by myself at a Vietnamese restaurant. If you know me, you'll know that that was something I often did when I was single. I've always liked my time to myself...even when I had an ample supply. I digress.

Just as I finish ordering and open the book to read, I see a figure approaching me from my blind side and look up in time to see an older gentleman point to my table and say, what I thought was, "The pork is great!" Confused, I ask him, "What?" All the while thinking, which pork dish could he be referring to and why would he single me out to tell me that? Do I look like the kind of woman that likes pork? I kind of do, but that's beside the point.

He answers, "That book is great!" Relieved, I respond, "I've heard good things about it. I can't put it down." He says, "You'll be thinking the same thing tonight, when you are still reading it at 10p." He was right. I had to force myself to turn the lights out at midnight.

It's so interesting and well written, in fact, that Choua is now reading the book at the same time as I am. We have two bookmarks and fight over who's turn it is to read the book. I am more than half way through the book now and search for minutes to read it; if you know what I mean? Sadly, it's sitting on our bathroom radiator so that we can read it while we have a few private moments to ourselves.

I found this template from ILP and thought it was adorable. Somehow, magically, I got one prize shot with eye contact from Roan. Happy Halloween from the Yang family. Be safe and remember to brush your teeth!


Shoua said...

Love the template! Is R planning to go out for treats? Did he get a costume? :) I've heard great things about Glass Castle, haven't read it yet.

pinkpeony said...

kaosong, i SAID KAOHLY AND ME ARE CATCHING UP TO YOU...it was to LET YOU KNOW HOW WELL WE WERE DOING. It wasn't about kaohly herself catching up to you....but the both of us! I AM happy for her and for me! Duh.

pakou said...

i should spend more time looking at the ILP forum :-). this is adorable.

pakou her said...

i love that book! it is really good - as good as it is disturbing. some really crazy stuff happens in that woman's family. next time nate and i are in chicago we should definitely get together. sorry we missed you the last time.