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Saturday, October 27, 2007


We decided to move Roan to his big boy bed last night. We left his crib at the foot of his big boy bed just in case it was a hard transition. As he usually does, when it comes to sleeping, Roan transitioned like a pro.

We prayed and then I layed with him for about five minutes and then as usual, I asked him if we was ready to bed and he said, "Yesh". I got up and went out the door and that was that. I checked on him before I headed to bed for the night, but he seemed content and was resting very soundly.

He woke up very early though so I think we need to work on that. However, he managed to stay in bed until I went up to get thim. We usually lay on the mattress for awhile, but he immediately told me to "Git tup". I guess he was ready for the day.

Tonight, while we were cleaning up, I realized how much easier it is to get him to do it now. Don't get me wrong; it's far from easy, but he is slowly getting it, that it's got to get done everyday. I am so amazed at how much of a little person he is. I do feel so blessed.

Last weekend, we met up with some friends at the Boo at the Zoo. It was fun. Roan was as much of a busy body as ever, but we managed.

Above: Ethan and Chloe (siblings)

Above: Cami...he loves that cheese!

Below: Roan was so intrigued by the blow-up haunted house. An older girl had warned that it would be much too scary for Roan, but he studied it intently and then went inside. I accompanied him, but I could tell that there were spots that scared him just a little.

Above: This is why I am thinking about going RAW. I had more control over the color of the picture so I was able to give it a more urban feel.

Above: Same location, but I switched it back to JPeg, which I usually do for snapshots.

Above: This blow up haunted house kept his attention for like 30 minutes. Again, a RAW shot.


pakou said...

i like raw a lot better too, but it's just a pain to convert and it takes up way to much space. what is Roan going to be for Halloween?

Christine said...

roan is such a little man now - he grew up so fast! look how much hair cami has!!! he needs a hair cut!

Missy said...

I'm glad to hear the big-bed move is going well. These are neat pics, I really love the autumn ones!!!