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Thank you for visting my blog. When I started this blog, it was just the vehicle for which I had hoped to share photos of our life in Chicagoland with our loved ones, but it has turned into so much more for me. Life is ever evolving in our household and time no longer stands still. Every moment is precious and worthy of being captured and treasured. In addition, through my love of the camera, I have had the opportunity to meet and also capture moments in others' lives. It is my hope, with this blog, that when my memory fails me, the words and photos on this blog will remind of where we were. History...Through My Glass...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

favorite thing

About a month ago, Roan decided that it was fun to throw things down our stairs. I don't know if he likes the way they look going down the stairs or if it's just an extension of his love for messiness and disorder (like his father of course), but he does it often. Usually, it's from the top of stairs down from his bedroom. However, on this particular night, he decided that maybe the downstairs stairs might be just as fun. ...shall we experiment?

C'mon Buz...

Uh oh...as if it were an accident.

Mommy says, "Go get Buz," so off he goes.

BTW...these are the same steps he tumbled down when he was just nine months old. Unless you are a parent and this has happened to you, you will never know the feeling you get when you hear, thump, thump, thump, a pause, and then a loud wail. We came running over to see him laying spread eagle, face up on the cement at the bottom of these very stairs. We learned very quickly that the door must always be shut.

Coming back up.


On a sweet note, I have finally made some sort of money on a photo-related project. The best thing about it is that it was completely a surprise! Thank you so much! As I am still skill building/serious hobbyist, I am not doing any of this for money right now so it's such a nice treat. I'm still in the red when it comes to photography, but the feeling I get when someone gets teary-eyed over their photos makes it worth it to me...though my husband disagrees.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

weekend fun

We had a fun weekend. Roan is getting to that age where he really wants to do stuff for himself. I am trying to take advantage of this by teaching him early that washing dishes after every meal...AND...cleaning up after yourself is very important!

He kept telling me to "Stay!", which is his way of telling me to not interfere with him. He washed these two sippy cups for like 10 minutes.

Roan and I saw "Enchanted" on Saturday morning. The theatre opens at 10a and so we try to go at that time, in case, he can't sit still. He was great! We packed snacks and his blankie and he only got up twice to walk down the aisle. When I told him to come back though, he did. I was really surprised.

We spent Saturday night at our friend's house. After a delicious dinner, we played poker. In the midst of playing, Roan and Matthew, ran into the room and shouted, "Ta Da!" I think it must be a little boy thing because if you read my blog regularly, you'll see that Roan and his cousin, Ethan also love running around without their shirts on. All of the kids played so well together and Roan was in heaven, with the toys and all of the attention.

This was the scene at the end of the night. They were chillin, watching "Transformers".

And...the best part of the night, we went home winners! That's actually Choua's winnings. I only went home with $5 more than what I started with. It just felt good to finally have some sort of a clue about what I was doing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1st accumulated snow

Today I was supposed to take the afternoon off to go Xmas shopping, but I had some last minute work to do so I didn't. I think I am procrastinating because I have no idea what to get. My family does Secret Santa for the adults so I only have one chance to get it right.

Roan and I had the chance this morning to go out and enjoy the first accumulated snow of the year. He didn't want to go out at first because he loves staying home with me, but I coaxed him outside. Once he got out there though, he acted like he was at the beach! He rolled around in the snow and even put his face in it. He kept throwing it up in the air as well, like water.

Then I hard time getting him to go to daycare. Even M&M's didn't work. I felt so bad though, I haven't even bought him new winter boots yet. I guess I'll need to use my coupons to get him a good pair since it seems he'll spend a lot of time in the snow this year.

Oh...yes...and BTW...I finally ordered by holiday cards! Yay! Can't wait!

Below: When we first got outside. He had this silly little grin the whole time!

Jumping...he didn't get much air.

In a matter of seconds the sun moved this morning. I thought it was pretty amazing.

Yes...he is trying to eat the snow.

Ah...to be a child again!