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Saturday, October 13, 2007

saturday, part I

A morning with Roan. Choua got up with him. When I returned home, they were both still in their pj's, Roan's playroom was a mess, and his diaper had not been changed yet, but at least he had been fed breakfast. I'm not complaining...I was pleasantly happy when I returned.

I quickly changed Roan's diaper, cleaned him up, dressed him, while Choua started lunch. While we were waiting for lunch, Roan and I watched Blue's Clues and it was so hilarious to watch him singing and guessing things. He really is talking a lot more now. I know I shouldn't be so proud...after all, he is almost 2.5, but it's quite an achievement for us. We've been working really hard and reading, pointing things out, and repeating things. I also find that I am listening a lot more and acknowledging what he is saying even though it's not perfect. I'm also calmly correcting him if he calls an object by the wrong name. For example, all fruits, except bananas are "apple".

Then we played with magnets, colored, danced, hugged, and sang...and then ta da! Lunch was ready!

Roan loves to lounge and watch DVDs, while eating his blankie, until a song comes on and then he has to get up and dance and sing.

I love this sweater from Crewcuts. It has suede elbow patches. Alas, I cannot justify $68 for a toddler's sweater. Momma is saving up for a D300!


pakou said...

i love that green -- is that the color of roan's bedroom? it's very bold. i've been wanting to paint my kids' rooms, but am still so afraid of color :-). max was/is a blankie baby like Roan too (he secretly still sleeps with it).

Shoua said...

D300! Woww...girl! I've learned to love my 200 again...ahahhaa... I don't think I can ever part with it. :)

I thought they discontinued Crewcuts? That's from Jcrew right? They used to have a store at MOA and I love their stuff.

Good to hear about R...before you know it...he'll be talking nonstop and to everyone. :D