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Sunday, October 28, 2007

graue mill

I am loving Lightroom again. After attending a free seminar on studio lighting, which was led by Steven Katzman [who I understand is quite famous]. I have no intentions to use studio lighting in the near future, BTW. More from the seminar later.

He showed us how he uses Lightroom as a first step. I did almost all of the editing (adjusted WB, clarity, vibrance) and then exported to CS2 to tweak a little, sharpened for web, watermarked and then added borders.

These were all shot at Graue Mill. We got there around 5p so we didn't have much time to explore. We'll try to go back next weekend. Hopefully, there will still be some color in the trees. Need I say more about why it is that I love Autumn?

Above: I really wanted to get some fall photos of Roan because fall is MY favorite season. He did not cooperate so much. Out of the 50 or so shots I took, about 30 of them were shots similar to this...walking away from Mommy's camera.

Above: Roan has really been behaving lately. I hadn't given him a time out since last weekend. He threw a full on terrible twos tantrum when this very nice family rowed up in their canoe. He felt that he should have been allowed to jump in and go with them. I tried to take him away, but he started screaming and crying. I had to put my embarrassment aside and show him that he needed to listen to me. He had a short time out and then the dad came over and asked if he wanted to sit in the boat, which made Roan very happy. The mom told me that she remembers all to well about the terrible twos--her kids were triplets! Anyways, I think this was the prize photo of the bunch...only because it's the sharpest and he's looking in my direction.

Above: This is my favorite of the bunch...and my favorite in a long time. He had just finished flirting with older, twin girls. They just thought he was too cute! As we were leaving he turned around to show me that he had unzipped his vest. He was very proud.

Above: It's not very sharp, but I loved the door and textures in this picture. And I love the "Closed" sign because it seemed to be our motto for the day. We were late to everything.

It's fuzzy because I have learned that I have to shoot in Aperture priority with Roan since it's too much work to shoot in Manual as he is on the move all of the time. Therefore, I have no control over the shutter speed so when it starts getting dark out, I have to open up, which forces my SS to slow down. Anyone have any suggestions on shooting my little wind-up boy?

Above: As we were leaving, we saw the old house on the property. Roan went right up and tried to open the locked door. You can see the trees on this side of the mill are still greener.

Above: Roan's model pose.


Shoua said...

Looks like you guys had another great weekend. Beautiful fall. :)

pakou said...

i have no idea what lightroom is, but the photos turned out great :-). yes, i've been super busy and unfortunately not photography related.

kristine said...

I absolutely *love* the picture of Roan in the canoe. His hat brings so much more to the picture. I also really like the pic with the "closed" sign.

Kaohly Her said...

I'm so happy Ro Ro has made the swtich to the big boy bed. That is very impowering for children. It gives them new found freedom. Now when they wake up in the morning, they make the decision of whether they should lay quietly in bed, shout for you, get up and play or cause chaos and explore. Great pics!