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Thank you for visting my blog. When I started this blog, it was just the vehicle for which I had hoped to share photos of our life in Chicagoland with our loved ones, but it has turned into so much more for me. Life is ever evolving in our household and time no longer stands still. Every moment is precious and worthy of being captured and treasured. In addition, through my love of the camera, I have had the opportunity to meet and also capture moments in others' lives. It is my hope, with this blog, that when my memory fails me, the words and photos on this blog will remind of where we were. History...Through My Glass...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I feel the ugliness rearing its ugly head again...it is swelling up! How do I keep it from exploding...or imploding?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

graue mill

I am loving Lightroom again. After attending a free seminar on studio lighting, which was led by Steven Katzman [who I understand is quite famous]. I have no intentions to use studio lighting in the near future, BTW. More from the seminar later.

He showed us how he uses Lightroom as a first step. I did almost all of the editing (adjusted WB, clarity, vibrance) and then exported to CS2 to tweak a little, sharpened for web, watermarked and then added borders.

These were all shot at Graue Mill. We got there around 5p so we didn't have much time to explore. We'll try to go back next weekend. Hopefully, there will still be some color in the trees. Need I say more about why it is that I love Autumn?

Above: I really wanted to get some fall photos of Roan because fall is MY favorite season. He did not cooperate so much. Out of the 50 or so shots I took, about 30 of them were shots similar to this...walking away from Mommy's camera.

Above: Roan has really been behaving lately. I hadn't given him a time out since last weekend. He threw a full on terrible twos tantrum when this very nice family rowed up in their canoe. He felt that he should have been allowed to jump in and go with them. I tried to take him away, but he started screaming and crying. I had to put my embarrassment aside and show him that he needed to listen to me. He had a short time out and then the dad came over and asked if he wanted to sit in the boat, which made Roan very happy. The mom told me that she remembers all to well about the terrible twos--her kids were triplets! Anyways, I think this was the prize photo of the bunch...only because it's the sharpest and he's looking in my direction.

Above: This is my favorite of the bunch...and my favorite in a long time. He had just finished flirting with older, twin girls. They just thought he was too cute! As we were leaving he turned around to show me that he had unzipped his vest. He was very proud.

Above: It's not very sharp, but I loved the door and textures in this picture. And I love the "Closed" sign because it seemed to be our motto for the day. We were late to everything.

It's fuzzy because I have learned that I have to shoot in Aperture priority with Roan since it's too much work to shoot in Manual as he is on the move all of the time. Therefore, I have no control over the shutter speed so when it starts getting dark out, I have to open up, which forces my SS to slow down. Anyone have any suggestions on shooting my little wind-up boy?

Above: As we were leaving, we saw the old house on the property. Roan went right up and tried to open the locked door. You can see the trees on this side of the mill are still greener.

Above: Roan's model pose.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


We decided to move Roan to his big boy bed last night. We left his crib at the foot of his big boy bed just in case it was a hard transition. As he usually does, when it comes to sleeping, Roan transitioned like a pro.

We prayed and then I layed with him for about five minutes and then as usual, I asked him if we was ready to bed and he said, "Yesh". I got up and went out the door and that was that. I checked on him before I headed to bed for the night, but he seemed content and was resting very soundly.

He woke up very early though so I think we need to work on that. However, he managed to stay in bed until I went up to get thim. We usually lay on the mattress for awhile, but he immediately told me to "Git tup". I guess he was ready for the day.

Tonight, while we were cleaning up, I realized how much easier it is to get him to do it now. Don't get me wrong; it's far from easy, but he is slowly getting it, that it's got to get done everyday. I am so amazed at how much of a little person he is. I do feel so blessed.

Last weekend, we met up with some friends at the Boo at the Zoo. It was fun. Roan was as much of a busy body as ever, but we managed.

Above: Ethan and Chloe (siblings)

Above: Cami...he loves that cheese!

Below: Roan was so intrigued by the blow-up haunted house. An older girl had warned that it would be much too scary for Roan, but he studied it intently and then went inside. I accompanied him, but I could tell that there were spots that scared him just a little.

Above: This is why I am thinking about going RAW. I had more control over the color of the picture so I was able to give it a more urban feel.

Above: Same location, but I switched it back to JPeg, which I usually do for snapshots.

Above: This blow up haunted house kept his attention for like 30 minutes. Again, a RAW shot.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the glass castle

I started a new book on Saturday. It's a memoir. However, it is written like fiction. I took a lunch by myself at a Vietnamese restaurant. If you know me, you'll know that that was something I often did when I was single. I've always liked my time to myself...even when I had an ample supply. I digress.

Just as I finish ordering and open the book to read, I see a figure approaching me from my blind side and look up in time to see an older gentleman point to my table and say, what I thought was, "The pork is great!" Confused, I ask him, "What?" All the while thinking, which pork dish could he be referring to and why would he single me out to tell me that? Do I look like the kind of woman that likes pork? I kind of do, but that's beside the point.

He answers, "That book is great!" Relieved, I respond, "I've heard good things about it. I can't put it down." He says, "You'll be thinking the same thing tonight, when you are still reading it at 10p." He was right. I had to force myself to turn the lights out at midnight.

It's so interesting and well written, in fact, that Choua is now reading the book at the same time as I am. We have two bookmarks and fight over who's turn it is to read the book. I am more than half way through the book now and search for minutes to read it; if you know what I mean? Sadly, it's sitting on our bathroom radiator so that we can read it while we have a few private moments to ourselves.

I found this template from ILP and thought it was adorable. Somehow, magically, I got one prize shot with eye contact from Roan. Happy Halloween from the Yang family. Be safe and remember to brush your teeth!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

s family out-takes

I had such a fun time photographing my friends today. C, is my partner in crime! We bought our cameras together and have been learning together. Check out her blog: http://christine-santos.blogspot.com/. It's been almost seven months since I got that call from her asking me if I wanted to get a camera too, since she was ABT Electronics. I never realized just how much I would love it when I said, "Sure!"

These are just some out-takes from their session. I couldn't help it, they are just too goodlooking a family to keep these in the vault. I shouldn't be putting these out here. Now everyone will know just how bad I really am at taking pictures.

And my sincerest apologies to those that are waiting for their proofs. I had to take a week sabbatical from photography. I needed to refresh. I was getting in a rut and I've been learning ways to make your photos even better. I promise, I will be in touch with you shortly.

I caught an episode of Chuck last night and I am hooked. I think he is just so cute! I totally love nerdy cute guys like him.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

b maternity

Once again, I am leaning on my friends to act as guinea pigs for me. I had the great pleasure of taking C's maternity pictures. R, her son, was one of Roan's nursing support group buddies. I think she looks beautiful in these pictures. She has the most perfect, teeny belly for being 38 weeks along. I can't wait to get A's, who is en utero, newborn pictures!

I try not to photoshop too much, but does the shadow of R need to be edited out? Does it take away from the picture?

On another note, I think Choua and I are going deaf...or we cannot seem to enunciate around each other. We are always asking, "What?" or saying "I can't hear you" when the other speaks. We are getting so old!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

scenes from an afternoon shower

I was invited to take pictures at a shower this past weekend. It was just a casual "session" if you can even call it one. The couple were so cute. I could tell the Daddy-to-be was really excited. He was sweet.

The little girl, above, just did not want me to take any pictures of her. Am I that bad?

I just loved these mini-Uggs.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

saturday, part II

After nap, Tais Nub, Ethan and Aleah stopped over to head the our favorite place, The Morton Arboretum. However, with the road construction, by the time they arrived, it was 10 minutes to closing time so we decided to head to Sonny Acres to try to meet up with some friends. We were late. These are just some snapshots from our trip.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

saturday, part I

A morning with Roan. Choua got up with him. When I returned home, they were both still in their pj's, Roan's playroom was a mess, and his diaper had not been changed yet, but at least he had been fed breakfast. I'm not complaining...I was pleasantly happy when I returned.

I quickly changed Roan's diaper, cleaned him up, dressed him, while Choua started lunch. While we were waiting for lunch, Roan and I watched Blue's Clues and it was so hilarious to watch him singing and guessing things. He really is talking a lot more now. I know I shouldn't be so proud...after all, he is almost 2.5, but it's quite an achievement for us. We've been working really hard and reading, pointing things out, and repeating things. I also find that I am listening a lot more and acknowledging what he is saying even though it's not perfect. I'm also calmly correcting him if he calls an object by the wrong name. For example, all fruits, except bananas are "apple".

Then we played with magnets, colored, danced, hugged, and sang...and then ta da! Lunch was ready!

Roan loves to lounge and watch DVDs, while eating his blankie, until a song comes on and then he has to get up and dance and sing.

I love this sweater from Crewcuts. It has suede elbow patches. Alas, I cannot justify $68 for a toddler's sweater. Momma is saving up for a D300!

Monday, October 8, 2007

h maternity

I had the great honor of doing my very first maternity with J and K. They were just the cutest couple! They definitely had the glow of expecting first-time parents. I was a little more reserved than I imagined myself to be as this was my first, but I was really pleased with the results from the shoot. My favorite shot could not be included as it shows a little skin so I think I'll need to get permission to post it. These are just a few that I have had a chance to resize for the web.

They live right on the route of the Chicago Marathon and had an awesome view of the race AND the city. Hmmmm...seems like the water is a little too green. I'll need to look at that more. It's not St. Paddy's Day anymore...it shouldn't be that green.


Choua and I decided that we needed to be more in control of our money. With debit cards, it's so easy to spend away and then realize at the end of the week that we've got nothing to show for the money we've spent. Unfortunately for us though, we can see the money wasting away on our bodies. I should have added to my post about our anniversary "...and 25 pounds later."

Anyways, we are on cash only. Luckily, we've always believed in paying ourselves first so we've got one thing going for us. It pains us that we'll be in the market for another car in a year or so. It's nice to be payment-free (except for my SL). Our budget is pretty lax, but we'll re-evaluate after a couple of months.

It's funny, because I am so much more stingy now that I have to think of where I am spending my money. No more impulse buying for me. It's going well though. I am saving up for one final lens...maybe a Christmas gift?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

indian summer

Roan and I went to the Morton Arboretum again. This membership has been the one that we have used the most. It basically paid for itself after two visits. By the time we left today, it was almost 90 degrees...and that was before noon! I think this may be the last weekend we'll have Summer weather in Fall.

I really wanted to get some pictures of Roan with the Halloween decorations here, but when I set him on top of a hay bail, he looked at me and said, "Sacairwee." This was the best that I could do.

This was huge pumpkin that had a face craved on it. I think the dark color was actually mold. It was gross. Roan touched it and said, "Eewie."

I tried to adjust the LAB color to make the background in the picture below more colorful as the full sun bleached it of any color in the real world. I think I may have gone too far.

The picture below is what I mean by the full sun bleaching the picture.

Next time, remember to visit the ball on the water last. He was drenched within the first two minutes. Usually, I bring extra clothes just in case there are water opportunities, but I knew there really weren't any here. I was wrong.

Above, another one I tried the LAB adjustment on. There must be something I can do to leave it more realistic looking.

Nothing special about the above picture, but I love that it shows his eyelashes. You can double click on the picture and it should enlarge it...if you care. :) After playing for about 1.5 hours, we stopped on the big treehouse to have a snack.

Roan loves Cheetohs! I tried to only let him have Baked Cheetohs. It's better, right?



Roan is a really picky eater, but the stuff he does like to eat. He eats a lot of!

He also likes to share his food with his Mommy.