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Monday, August 13, 2007

Perfect Weather

I awoke this morning to the cutest little face staring at me. We had guests over so Roan slept in our room with us. When he woke, I wasn't ready to get up so I turned on the TV and let him watch PBS cartoons. He soon tired of it so he climbed up on me and cupped my face in his hands and said, "W'cup, w'cup," in his sweetest little voice. How could I resist?

Fast Forward through a long day of writing and re-writing my analyses.

I worked late tonight so I didn't get home until about 6:30p. Roan met me like he usually does and it always makes my day. I decided to forgo dinner to go to the park with him as it was the perfect weather day. And after the park, I let him have a Popsicle on our front porch so that I could snap away and practice taking pictures.

I think I finally am getting somewhere with my focusing issues. These are SOOC and I managed to even get catch lights! Whooo Hooo! Yay! In fact, you can still see the food on his mouth. I'm just so happy, they are in focus! For the life of me, I don't know why he decided to allow me to take these pictures of him, but I sure am happy!

I'm thinking about doing a skill building Picture Party session the next time I'm in MN. I just don't know if anyone would let me take pictures of their children.
P.S. Congratulations Steph! We knew you would do it!


pakou said...

these are cute photos of Roan. Do you use auto or manual focus?

Shoua said...

His expression in that last photo is so cute. And popsicles always does the trick. ;)

jewlzyaj said...

oOOO ooOO ooooOOO *raising my hands Hey, I would so love a session or a lesson! And you are welcome anytime on snapping away at Acelan! I wanted to take him to get some professional photos but Kung's always like, "you already have a digital camera". arrrrr!

Anyway, lets plan a time when you're in MN so you can do your magic! You've got such nice pictures, im so jealous. My camera isn't as good for the price...or maybe its just the camerman. And whatever you showed me last time, ummm, just went straight through my head. Please woman, I need help! And I would love it if you could take some family photos of us too. Its hard taking those when its just the three of us. Let me know, im excited!

Missy said...

Yay, I love the smiling picture, it's ADORABLE.