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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Boy, His Sword, and a Train

Over the weekend, I scouted out a really cool location. I was so excited to return to get pictures on a cooler day. I was attracted to it because it had these tall flower-like weeds and this ladder up this cement wall. Unfortunately, when Roan and I arrived this evening, the weeds had been mowed. Oh well, I guess we'll have to return in a few weeks.

Why is it that when we want a train to come by, it never does and then when it does, it's a very short one so we can't even get any good shots? Buh...bye...

He got this sword from Uncle Tony over July 4th and still loves it! He sometimes uses it as a rifle (see below).

I think I have a foot fetish. But you have to admit, he's got some cute, still chubby feet. I love his curled up toes. I think they've been in this position for as long as I have known him.

More tomorrow...


alex said...

hey you! Yes i work at VS now.... hahaha of course i can hook u up. lol i only get 30% and i can tell you when stuff goes down. how is the family?! email me...: vang.alex@students.uwlax.edu
ps: Roan is soooo oooober big now!
Love, alex vang

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pakou said...

roan is too cute and i see a train next to your new photo spot. my son is fascinated with trains. i finally did my first foot shot tonight with hannah :-). having two kids is difficult at first, but once they get bigger, it's wonderful because they have someone to play with.