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Thursday, August 16, 2007

More From the Daycare Series

A few fun outtakes:

I love her expression in this one...such attitude.

I took over 20 shots with the four of them together and this was one of two in which more than two were looking in any direction towards the camera. Notice none of them were even looking into the camera? Did I mention that one's, two's, and three-year olds are tough to photograph?

Look at my little Ro...he looks funny with those clunky shoes on. I should have had them all take their shoes off. The look on his face is one he wears often. I think he gets it from Choua. It reminds of the picture from our wedding--my one moment of Bridezillaness. Choua's expression is just like this. I'm going to have to find it and post it up.

Here, in color. Should I crop it?

Finally, Ro gets the girl...and an older one too! ;) Daddy would be so proud!

Just a few. None of them are outstanding. Next time, I have to stay longer. I felt so rushed on this shoot. I also need to have an idea of the shots that I want to get because when I am there, I am too focused on lighting and setting my camera. It was super fun though!


pakou said...

roan is too cute. do you have him in a home daycare? it seems he's more willing to cooperate (pose) where there are other children around :-).

Shoua said...

That lil girl is just darling! I envy you...you have kids to practice with! :) Kaosong, you're doing really good.