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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Official Skill Building Session

Today was my very first official skill building session. It was nerve-wracking! It was very cloudy and heavy rain was imminent. Can you tell that K [little one here] is on the verge of napping? She was a doll. I think she's bit pink, but I can't check until tomorrow at work.

Of course, I had to get a feet picture in there. Not sure if it works, but I can't resist!

These are the oldest kids at daycare. They are both 3. I love how she's holding her dress and he's checking her out. He really isn't, but it kind of looks like it. I haven't had time to proof anything more so this is it for now.

Here it is in color. I'm going back tomorrow because I didn't get one single shot of the four of them together looking at me at once. Ones-twos-and three year-olds are tough!

Then I played a little in RAW again. I think as a beginner, I'm really liking the RAW editor that I have in CS2. This is me attempting to be girlie. I was never really good at it. Can you tell which ones are my favorites?

I love these (not my favorites), but they are so darn high that I feel like I look like a dork walking in these.

I really like how this conversion turned out. It's grainy and the shoes are vintagy so I think it works, but what do I know?

Did you notice my cheesy watermark. It's temporary until get something that I really like.


pakou said...

these are really good and i like the b/w conversion especially in the photo w/ the little girl and the boy who's checkn' her out :-)

Missy said...

Love the kiddo pictures here, too. Pretty soon you can start charging! :)

Kristine said...

I, too, love all of the kid pictures. Totally with MIssy on charging. Soon, you can take people's pics for moola!!

Shoua said...

You know, I was just thinking about doing a shoes series the other night...and then I come here and see yours! Ahaa..great minds think alike. I love shoes and everyone knows that...so I got two pairs of heels for my birthday...maybe I'll photograph them later. :)