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Thank you for visting my blog. When I started this blog, it was just the vehicle for which I had hoped to share photos of our life in Chicagoland with our loved ones, but it has turned into so much more for me. Life is ever evolving in our household and time no longer stands still. Every moment is precious and worthy of being captured and treasured. In addition, through my love of the camera, I have had the opportunity to meet and also capture moments in others' lives. It is my hope, with this blog, that when my memory fails me, the words and photos on this blog will remind of where we were. History...Through My Glass...

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I'm such a meanie! Choua went DT with his cousins and he wanted to take my camera with him. I told him he couldn't take it because I don't trust him with it. He broke my nearly new P&S on his trip in the mountains so I really did not want to let him take it...then I felt like such a meanie so I didn't protest when he took it. They are not back yet so I am starting to get worried. I have felt so naked without today. It's funny. I'm lame!

Friday night was my night so I headed to Ikea to look for some cheap props and ideas.

I'm working on my post-processing. I always strive to get the best exposure and have been working on manual, but I also am working on tweaking the pictures a bit. The one on top is my manual PP. The one on the bottom, I used an action, which usually is great, but I just think with these pictures (from Ikea) made them just a tinge too yellow/reddish. Any preferences?

Finally, on Friday, Roan and I went to OC and he played around the fountain. I made a new banner using my [aspiring] "Photographer's Child Syndrome" picture of him. Can you tell he is so over with my camera and me? Here is the orginal. He was walking away so fast when he came around the fountain and saw me looking at him through my glass. Again, my version on top and the action version on the bottom.

Okay, I lied, I saw The Bourne Ultimatum and I just have to say that I have loved all three and this one does not disappoint. I just love Matt Damon as Jason Bourne! I sometimes wonder what it would be like to become a different person.


Shoua said...

Did you ever get your camera back? Ahaha. I think your PP is fine...when I first discovered the world of actions I went crazy. It just seemed so easy with a push of a button. I really want to see Bourne as well... :)

pakou said...

tony and i share the nikon, but if he's going on a trip, i refuse to let him take it too. I like Matt Damon because he's not overly handsome and because he looks like he would make a good boyfriend :-). hahaha.