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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yawm, Mini Oreos, & Time Out

Roan and I drove to Evanston to visit with Grandpa (Yawm). He is there to finish up his Master's degree. Go Yawm! I wish I could have snapped more shots, but we had limited time. Yes, it is the same picture twice. The other three were not the least bit flattering.

It was such a beautiful day. I missed the shot in which they were both peacefully watching the waves and the sailboat. As we all know, I am still having trouble with very bright daytime snapshots. Our prayers are with you while you finish your stay here and our thoughts with you when you have your operation.
Doesn't Roan [below] just look like he is enjoying eating mini oreos so much?
Roan had a grand time with the mini oreo cookies that were on sale--10 bags for $10. Thank goodness, I didn't have to buy 10 at once to get in on the deal.

He is so generous, he shares the rejected parts of the cookie with me. It's adorable how he eats the cookie. I swear, I did not teach him this. He opens the mini cookie up and tries to peel out the middle. He leaves the sandwich parts in tact. He is quite good at it.

Earlier in the morning, I had him dressed to play with his Sand and Sea water table. He was throwing sand and I told him to stop, but he was not being a good listener so I put him in a time out on the back porch stairs. He was so good for the first minute or so, until I ran to grab my camera, then he started to fake cry. Ahhhh...classic Roan. :) I love this little boy so much!

Yesterday night was my weekend night out. And as I spend most of those weekend nights out, I went to Borders to catch up on my guilty pleasures--magazines! In addition to making my rounds at the magazine stands, I also found myself in the music department. I wanted to check out Mini Driver's new CD. I quickly learned though, that I could look up almost any artist and listen to snippets of their CDs. For some reason, I had a longing to hear my two favorite singers from the 80's. I have to say, there are no two voices like Peter Cetera [of Chicago fame] and Rick Astley.

And OMG, as the kids write now, the 80's are back in full swing. NO! I have to shake my head at colored, high waisted jeans. I have to draw the line somewhere. Suddenly, I was very aware of how old I am now. For a moment, I was frozen in time.

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Shoua said...

Oohhh...I like the oreos series...so cute.

I've been playing email tag with yoru sister. Hopefully we'll get a date set soon. We've both been busy with our schedules! :)