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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Focus Issues...Go Away!

I am still having really bad focusing issues. At least now I know that it's not just a focusing issue, but rather, an exposure issue. I think I have to switch to M mode because A mode is not cutting it for me since I have such a mobile toddler as the subject of most of my pictures.

The next three pictures are my lost opportunity pictures. We were leaving my cousin, Chonh's, wedding and it was after dusk (even though the pictures don't look like it). The reception was out in the country and there was a hay field nearby so on our way out, we stopped the car and got Roan out. He had a blast running in the field, but we were being eaten alive by mosquitos and Choua was afraid a snake would get him so I hurridly starting taking pictures.

My settings were way off. I opened the aperture as much as I could because there seemed to be no light, but my shutter speed was way too slow to capture my active Roan. In retrospect, I should have closed the aperture a little, upped the shutter speed, and upped the ISO.

There is no saving these shots now. :(

On Sunday, Roan and I went to the free splashpad. As usual, he made a friend, Joshua. He kept taking Joshua's noodle and saying, "mom", which is his way of saying, "mine". I had to remind him several times that it was not his.

Joshua has the most beautiful eyes. He is half Mexican and half Polish. I realized that my child is part of the reason why I have such focusing issues. He will not sit still or look into the camera. Joshua kept posing for me so I got some really clear shots of him.

And I have to sneak one in of my little stinker.

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Janice said...

Hey, you and I are on the same boat when it comes to focusing! Our kids are way too fast for us! :-P.

Roan (what a cool name!) is a little cutie!!

I wish I could figure my camera out but I think the only way is to practice with it. You have great pictures! Love the one with the little boy, Joshua too!

Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW!