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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Here are some pictures from our late Easter egg hunt at a friend's house.

Cute kids!

My parents visited (from Laos, where they are doing missionary work) last weekend so we drove to the Twin Cities to be with them. Also, my brother graduated with honors from the UofM Twin Cities Mechanical Engineering program.

It was so wonderful to have both sets of Roan's grandparents around. My parents took Roan to visit his great grandma one morning so we got the chance to sleep in and sleep in we sure did! Then Choua's mom watched Roan while we attended my brother's evening graduation. I mssed him, but it was nice not to have to chase a stinky little guy around all night. It was way past his bedtime anyways. Finally, one night we decided that we should go check out the venue of his birthday party after we put him down. We actually got to have dinner--alone--together! We are so used to taking turns to go out that it is weird when we actually don't have to rush through eating because our child is done and wants to run around. Thank God for grandparents!

We also celebrated Roan's golden birthday over the weekend too. I'll post up pictures in the next post. I still need to post up a few pictures from Tswb's visit to Chicago too.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

hey kaosong--i cant believe how big roan is! and i havent seen tswb in forever, cant wait for the pic updates. i'm sending his hoodie by the end of next week, things have been crazy here! aww i miss all the little ones...i feel like i havent seen any of them in ages.