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Monday, June 2, 2008

ro ro birthday recap

Roan's birthday invite. I used a template that I found on ILP.
He cooperated for about two minutes.

The day of the party was cloudy and cool. In the sun, it was nice, but we were under canopies so for some of us, who went hoping for sun; it was a bit cold.

It was a wonderful location, but I was not able to take any pictures as I was hosting. The following pictures were taken by my friend, Christine, and I processed them. They are not technically mine, but I watermarked them for her protection.

Above: presents are starting to pile up.
Above: Appetizers.
Above: this was Roro's expression the whole morning. He had the majority of his cousins and friends with him.
Above: more smiles from the birthday boy.

Above: Mommy cutting the cake. I bought a cake from Costco and made a sailboat cake, but we didn't get a picture of the cake...or the favors...or the canopy...or the giant pizzas. :( Very sad.
Roan's most favorite thing in the world...CAKE!
It was cold.


kristine said...

Oh! That whole post juct makes me smile. He looks so happy! I love the last pic of you and him, it's too cute! Your invite was adorable!!!

By the way - about you being here and pics... i would *LOVE* to take you up on the offer if Parker has made his entrance by then!! Maybe this time we will actually make it happen! lol ;-)

Marketing Mama said...

Love the invite - how creative!!! Great pics from the party, looks like so much fun - and you look awesome!!! :)