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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

financial infedelity

There is a name for it. I don't know if anyone else can relate, but I felt myself sinking into my seat when I read the article in Cookie Magazine.

However, I also felt a sort of relief that I was not alone. You know, you buy some things, for yourself or your child and instead of proudly bringing it into the house, you leave it in the car because you know that your child did not really need it and so you don't want to face your spouse with those shopping bags. So you slowly filter it into the house...under the radar.

It's not an issue of money either, in most cases. I grew up in a family that is very frugal, given how level-headed most of my siblings are about spending. But, I've always had sort of a shopping "problem". I love nice things. I love the way it feels to hold it, own it and even smell it. Luckily, because I am overweight now, I spend a lot less on clothes. I find that I have to try really hard to hold myself back sometimes.

I mean, I'm not one of those moms that stay in the buying-returning loop as to confuse it enough so that they never get caught. I tell myself I'm not that bad, but because I felt that I could relate to the article, I realize that I may have a problem. And the problem may be more than just loving the high, but as the article mentions, more of a compensation of losing your self in the process of becoming a wife, mom, and in general, an all to all for all.

So as I look at the 25% off coupon at Coach and I'm eyeing that gorgeous little Ergo clutch. I have to ask myself if I really do have a problem. Is it just a really good deal or do I really have problem?

And because a no picture post is boring...here are some more sweetness:


kristine said...

let me just say.... I know how you feel. I do it, too.

Minna said...

Happy Late Bday Roan! So cute with his new haircut. Max got a new haircut too. Btw, I totally understand your obsession with things. I'm like that too.

Also, I know your cousin's bride! Small world. We went to school together. Their wedding looked beautiful!