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Sunday, April 27, 2008

weekend recap

It was a cool weather weekend. We didn't mind so much. We still got the opportunity to get outside. The weekend started with a dinner out at Uncle Julios where Roan got to watch tortillas in the making and was given a ball of dough to play with.

We've had a couple of weeks now, in which Roan has not been 100% well..."well". This weekend was very different. It's as if the stars aligned he just was in a groove. He has been such a happy, chatty, engaged, and good listener. He's been singing a lot. I think it's so cute how he sings so passionately, but very out of tune.

It's funny how as a parent, I am constantly trying to figure out what causes my child's behavior and mood to change so drastically. Is it his diet? ...did he get enough sleep? ...or even if my mood has affected his? I finally realized that maybe it had to do with the fact that Choua is at a new job and our roles have changed. I guess it was just a transition for him. We are getting used to a new norm.

Back to our weekend. Roan and I woke up and while I was getting us packed, Roan watched Transformer cartoons on Youtube. He asks for "Spiderman, Transformer cartoon computer".

Then we headed to see the new exhibit at the Morton Arboretum, "Giant Insects". Roan loved it! He excitedly ran from one exhibit to the next. I love how his little legs move so fast when he's running.

This one was his favorite. It's a daddy long legs. He kept calling most of the insects spiders, even though we technically didn't even see a spider. What we learned is that what really separates spiders is that they have venom. Therefore, a daddy long legs is not really a spider.

We lunched at the arboretum, but for dinner we ate a home cooked meal. We've also been working with Roan on eating what we eat. He fights us, but now that he understands us, we can negotiate with him. I also wanted to document that he is no longer eating in a booster chair. He wanted out of it so we now use phone books to prop him up higher.

Sunday was a cleanup day. I asked Choua to take some pictures of Roan and me for the 52 week project. I told him my vision and asked him to shoot away. These were the best ones. I love how they turned out.

A few weeks ago, I confessed that maybe Spring was my secret favorite season. However, now I remember why Autumn holds that spot. I get severe allergies in Spring. I am drugged up...too bad it's none of the good stuff.


kristine said...

That top pic of you and Roan is just wonderful! I would say hubby did a GREAT job with it!

kristine said...

That top pic of you and Roan is wonderful! I think hubby did a GREAT job! It's so cute!

pakou said...

awww. your hub did a good job with those last two photos of you and roan. I want someone to take nice belly pictures of me, but I don't trust Tony with getting the angle just right. he's great at landscape, but he doesn't have enough of an appreciation for using the best angles in human photos especially big humans like me right now :-).

shoua said...

love the pix of you and roan. sweet. i'm still hoping for some decent spring weather soon.