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Sunday, April 13, 2008

april showers

It rained pretty much the whole day yesterday so we had to be creative about playing. I know most parents don't let their kids jump on the furniture, but since Roro does have some sensory seeking needs, we tell him he can only jump at home. His therapists have suggested that we buy him a mini trampoline.

Below: This is my current favorite picture. I love his stinky little expression!
Below: A rare sighting of his dimples.
Below: I wish his skin tone wasn't so different from mine, but I love that I actually got him smiling in this picture.
Below: Playing airplane and/or Superman.
Below: Roan's growing collection of boats. He likes to line them up.
Below: Just a simple shot of his snack plates. He sets them wherever he's playing.


pakou said...

there must be something with boys and the need to line things up :-). Max was crazy about trains and needed to line them up perfectly when he was Roan's age. He would get upset if one of them was out of place. I love that the jumping series :-).

kristine said...

cute cute cute! i just love all the pics

michelle said...

roro is getting so big! cant wait to see him!

shoua said...

Ok...in the jumpin photos, I was wondering who was the little kid hiding behind the sofa! Then I realized it was probably a picture of R. =) We are finally getting some spring like weather around here!