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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I don't understand it. I've been walk/running now for 1.5 weeks and although I feel great about it, it seems that my appetite is uncontrollable! I can't seem to stop eating! So now, I'm wondering how I'm going to lose any weight if I continue to keep up the exercising? I need some major willpower. Oh...why do I love food so much?


Christina said...

So right there with you!

Even if it does cause you to eat more, at least you ARE exercising too. That has to be good for something right??

pakou said...

when i started running, i found that i was eating more and packing on weight even though the hub thought i looked slimmer -- so maybe your body just needs more fuel because you're more active/building muscles. oh how i can't wait to pop this baby out. i've sorted my clothes into "must fit by 1 month postparturm," "must fit by 3 months postpaturm" and "must fit by Christmas 08." hahaha.