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Friday, March 21, 2008

cabin fever

I've been loving my days off. I think it seriously helps to keep my sanity. It's the day of the week that I get to pretend like I can have it all. We start off the day with Roan's speech therapy and then leisurely go to daycare. When I come home, I start cleaning the house and any special projects I may have for the day and then run errands. I also make dinner and then we get to spend the evening as a family. This also allows us to have more family time on the weekends since we are not stuck trying to coordinate errands and housework.

Roan has been more squirrely than usual...amazing, but true. He cannot seem to sit still and focus. After a rigorous walk on Thursday, I was cleaning up in the kitchen, when I walked over to find him snuggled under the buffet chewing away on his blanket.

Above: Sorry, I have not yet installed my Noiseware.

He kept turning away from me and then back to see if I was still there.

Notice the Mandarin Monster he's sleeping on above. It's actually a pillow I bought for our living room sofa, but Roan thinks it's a spider and has taken quite a liking to it. He's spent hours running around with it, trying to scare me.

Today, I came home to find Roan sitting in this box. He calls it and anything else he can sit in his boat. The packing puffs was water and snow.

Roan doesn't watch much tele anymore. He doesn't care for it much. He has started having this really wonderful imagination. He doesn't really play with his toys either, but he loves to pretend play.

I am planning to sew him a cape, when I can get sewing m/c. I think I can manage something that simple. Anyways, I tied his blanket onto his neck and he started saying, "Superhero" and getting into the superhero stance, with his chest out forward. But it was his belly that was sticking out. It was very cute. And then he found one of Choua's boots and his outfit was complete.

Okay, and finally, I have to say one more thing becuase it's been on my mind. I read that a high level of college students are overly stressed out and have considered committing suicide. I wish I could remember the statistic, but my mommy brain doesn't allow for that detailed information. I just keep thinking, how weak a society we have become? I know, sounds so old school and conservative. But seriously, if we've got young adults--supposedly the brightest and best--considering committing suicide--then our future is pretty bleek.

I remember thinking life was so hard when I was in college, but never once thought of committing suicide. I also feel really sad for these individuals because life only gets more stressful. Sure, you grow and learn and hopefully become better, but that doesn't mean it gets eaisier. So to all those college students feeling way too much stress--STFU! J/K! I don't have the answer, but just know that you'll look back one day and realize that life really does pass by too quickly. Try to enjoy your time at college.


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