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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Colors of the Farmers' Market

**EDITED**...I looked at these pictures from work and it seems that my home monitor is not as vivid as my work. Can someone give me feedback as to whether these pictures are too warm?

Today was the first day that I purposely set out to take pictures for the sake of learning. My friend, Christine and I, decided to head to the local Farmers' Market. It was such fun. We had a time frame of two hours. We had a few mishaps. By the time we finally started shooting, the market was bustling and we found two hours became more like 30 minutes. Maybe we shouldn't have spent so much time at the gourmet sauces booth? I do love my free samples!

Above is the antique lemon juicer, where we bought lemon shakers from. It was delish on a sunny, hot morning. We shared one. The picture is a bit overexposed because it was terribly sunny, but I really wanted to get a picture of it.

These two are of rolls in a box. I just thought they would make neat pictures. I think I might try to see what they look like in black and white.

I played a little with the coloring in this picture because I think the glass made the original picture too distracting. I don't think I did it any good. I wish I would have also gotten one facing the display so that I could have gotten the signs.

I just thought the fruit and veggies were so colorful and beautiful!


Missy said...

Hi Again! Thanks for coming over to my blog and posting. :) I have to admit that I've been a lurker on your blog for some time... but never posted a response before now. Now that I have my own blog I feel more like a "real person" rather than anonymous. :)

I can't really give you feedback on the colors in these photos because I think my monitor colors are off, too. I keep trying to reset them and tweak them - even searched the net for tips for color accuracy... but alas I don't feel it's perfect yet.

I think all monitors are going to have some variation... which makes the world of digital photography a bit challenging!

Shoua said...

I love your farmer's market series. I've been meaning to do a market series myself but never gotta around doing it.