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Thank you for visting my blog. When I started this blog, it was just the vehicle for which I had hoped to share photos of our life in Chicagoland with our loved ones, but it has turned into so much more for me. Life is ever evolving in our household and time no longer stands still. Every moment is precious and worthy of being captured and treasured. In addition, through my love of the camera, I have had the opportunity to meet and also capture moments in others' lives. It is my hope, with this blog, that when my memory fails me, the words and photos on this blog will remind of where we were. History...Through My Glass...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


He was named, "Muscle," by his oldest cousin, Taylor before he was even born. Who would have known it would be so self-fulfilling.

Above: doing pullups and showing off his muscle car tattoo.

Above: A spider tattoo...his alter ego. He's sucking his gut in to look tough.

Above: Another in the 52 Weeks Series. Credit to Choua, again.


kristine said...

Those pictures are beautiful. I absolutely ADORE that last picture - the one of you and Roan. Very beautiful. I would frame it and display it!

pakou said...

those tats will definitely add to the party boy image :-). hahaha. too cute!

xay said...

Hi there,

thank you for the very inspirational words, I truly welcome them as sometimes when you feel at the lowest point that noone can see you, a perfect stranger can. I think I may have accindetly commented on the wrong page, in which it was you I would like to thank. Please feel free to stop by anytime and check out my updates, as will also keep tabs with you. Thanks again for making a stranger feel alive, and not alone. :)

pinkpeony said...

Can't believe he's three already! SOOOO handsome and darling. I love how he's talking so much now. You just about broke my heart when you called me last week from the park. I told phil how roan was playing hide and seek with the kids, but they weren't really playing with him, he was just standing next to them. It's so sad!...I could totally picture that.

Take lots of photos this weekend of ALL our kids!

Rebecca Jeanne... said...

I *love* that pic of you two! So sweet. :)