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Friday, May 30, 2008

from rock star to f.o.b.

He's still totally cute, but I miss his beautiful hair! We went to MPLS for my cousin's wedding and Grandpa decided that Roan's hair was too long so he cut it. Roan was very sad. He kept saying, "...hair...gone..." and touching his head. I thought his F.O.B. haircut was too cute on him, but it was still a bit too long on top so we went to get it all cut short.

I'm a bit sad though because he looks so slim and grown up now. He even looks taller now.

Coincidentally, he got very sick after we cut his hair. Do we have a modern day Samson (Thanks Michelle...slip of the fingers) on our hands?

Rock star:

Cute F.O.B.:

Big Boy Cut:
He got to stay home with me because daycare wouldn't let him back until he was fever free for over 24 hours.


michelle said...

awwww ro-ro. hehe he's definitely a modern day sampson. awww he's such a handsome boy with long or short hair!

michelle said...
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pakou said...

awww. i like roan's long hair. Max had the whole Bruce Lee hair going on but my MIL was just here a few weeks ago and told us if we didn't cut his hair before she comes back at the end of the month, she's going to do it, so he got a hair cut today :-)

kristine said...

Wow! He really does look so much older (and bigger!) with that new cut! Way to go on taking the big leap and cutting his hair! It looks GREAT!