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Saturday, November 3, 2007

busy saturdays

Every Saturday was a lazy one for us before Roan arrived. I remember Choua and I used to sleep in and then watch PBS all day. We've never had cable so it was the next best thing. I remember the weekend flying by, but we had nothing important to do.

These days, it's go, go, go. It's the only day that I get to actually catch up on all of the things that really need to be tended to around the house. Marry that with the guilty Mom syndrome I have and you've got a stressed out woman on your hands. I was going through a rough patch with myself and I think I just needed some R&R. As I posted before, the uglies beat me up pretty good, but I think I'm ready to rev it up again.

It was my morning to sleep in and so I did. I needed it, since I am still fighting the cold/allergies/sinus infection that I've had for the past three weeks! After I got up, I spent some time with Roan, building castles out of Legos and cleaning up the mess that he had made.

When I got up to his playroom, it looked like a tornado hit. I looked at him and he looked at me and said, "Mess". He must have noticed the 'you are so in trouble' look on my face because he started singing the "Clean-up" song and putting away his wooden blocks.

In the afternoon, I went to put him in day clothes so that we could go out and noticed that he had turned the TV on and was watching Godzilla Contra Mechagodzilla, which BTW, is a Japanese film dubbed in Spanish for the Spanish channel. It was hilarious. He saw me and said, "Wow" excitedly and pointed to the TV. I knew he was a little scared, but he was also very interested. I watched the rest of it with him.

Roan and I finished the evening at the Mall, where he played at the children's area and hugged and wrestled strange children again. I love how excited he gets when he is playing. He runs around in circles and pretends to tickle things all the while speaking that little language of his. You would think that this child never gets to play.

He also rode in the train and we visited the candy shop, where we watched "The Incredibles". The scenes that were on when we were there were the ones where the mom and the kids are in the plane and it gets shot down by the missiles. I don't know why, but that scene always makes me cry...even before I had a child.

Well of course, I can't seem to post without pictures so here are a few more from last weekend when we visited the Arboretum.

I lied, this one was from Graue Mill. I just loved the red tree in the background.

I had to post one picture with his "Chaw Chaw", which is the sound that swords make when they go through the air. It's actually a carrot bat.

I would have loved this shot, if only he would have turned to look at me.

My little monkey.


pakou said...

it's finally starting to look like fall there :-). I watched over videos of my kids this weekend and my fondest memories of them were when they were Roan's age. such a good age to be!

Shoua said...

You guys still got some nice weather there in Chicago! It was sunny here but a bit chilly.

BTW, cute...there's a clean up song? ;)