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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Post Without a Picture

My first post in awhile without pictures. I am just plain pooped with the pictures. I've been working on my PS CS skills. I think I may take a community class this Fall.

I read this and wish I saw it. As a mom of a girl, you worry about pedophiles and such. As a mom of boy, I always worry about Autism, especially when he wasn't talking much. I don't know how much too much information plays into my fears, but I still believe that knowledge is power and that if it should happen in our family that we would handle it like a family and put our trust in God.


I also have been so motivated by my sisters and slowly started walking and being more conscious of my eating. Since, last week, I've lost five pounds! Yay! I don't know if I can attribute all of that to my efforts, since Aunt Flo usually adds at least three pounds and she's gone now, but I know that I have lost at least a couple of pounds so I am very happy. I plan to start a more structured plan next week after our weekend DT.

Okay...gotta get to bed before 10p for once.


pakou said...

we thought max was slightly autistic when he was younger because of his obsession w/ trains and his speech impediment. We had a speech therapist work with him for two years and all seems well now. i agree with you on the whole proactive thing. i rather get them help vs. be in denial.

Shoua said...

You are pooped with pictures? Com’on. ;) Yay…on the weight loss. I can shed a few lbs here as well. I’m terrified of going into the cold season because that’s when I’m at my laziest with any sort of exercise!

pinkpeony said...

autism is very scary...especially since boys are diagnosed at greater percentages than girls are.

I'm so proud of you! 5lbs already?!?! You CAN do it Kaosong. It's so weird how our weight plays such a big part in everything else in our lives. My life has changed because I have control over what I put in my mouth now. It's just the beginning of this amazing ride!!
love you.

Kaohly Her said...

I saw the Oprah show with Jenny. It was very sad but she gave people who have children with autism hope. I truly believe that we, humans, are the cause of autism and why it's on the rise. The awesome power of human kind. How we can create wonderful things like cures, and life yet in our quest to do great things, we do so much damage and create such horrendous things like nuculear bombs and global warming. So sad.