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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Home Town Weekend

**EDITED** Do the castle and 4-wheeler pictures seem to be a bit cool? It was almost nighttime when I took these photos.

It was such a lovely evening so we decided to go for a walk and go to our town's summer fair. As we were walking, I noticed (but Choua mentioned it first) that the breeze was brisk vs. the humid summer breeze that we've had all summer. Autumn was clearly reminding us that she was on the way. It was a pitiful little fair, but I'll never forget how happy we were tonight.

Roan really liked the four wheelers. It was a bit fast so I was a little nervous, but I could see the joy in his little face as it sped up.

The rides were more expensive than at Como Town, but at least the jumping castle was free. On another note, I've been hearing Roan mention Castle a lot lately...referring to White Castle.

My baby got some air!

I was inspired by my friend and awesome photographer, Shoua (http://auohs.blogs.com/mydailydose/ ), to take some motion shots of the rides. Mine does not compare, but thought I'd show a couple.

Choua took these of Roan and me going down the slide. Roan loved it so much that he went down it twice!

Some food from the fair.

And finally...time to say good-bye.


Shoua said...

Ooohh...you guys had tons of fun! Fairs are always fun, no matter what age you are. =)

Thanks for the mention..I don't know about awesome...ahhaa.

Roan looks like such a big boy riding all by himself! I bet he was proud..ahaha. These are such fun photos.

pinkpeony said...

so cutie, i miss him soooo much! hahah....castle...white castle.

Gosh, he's getting so big, it makes me sad.

pakou said...

i like the motion pictures! i haven't been to the fair for a long while now :-). looks like you had a good time.

pakou said...

yep, they're all brothers and they all belong to my older brother :-). the little girl in sunglasses is my younger brother's daughter.

pakou said...

you're too kind kaosong. i feel like an old young person and truth be told, i actually look forward to getting older :-).

pinkpeony said...

i love him. gosh, he's getting so big! i'm thinking of coming home at the end of Oct. i'll email you all though.