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Saturday, January 26, 2008

lensbaby...and footprints

I realized that I had not posted any pictures from the free seminar I went to in November with the Bogen Cafe. I found this picture that I took using the lensbaby lens that they were promoting and I didn't really care for it at first, but now I really like it. I'm not sure I used it correctly, nor do I think I'll ever buy one, but it makes a neat picture...especially with the antique preset in LR, which am loving!

Here is the original.

I also learned how to add a texture to pictures. I re-did one of the Michigan Dunes pictures with a rust texture.

Here is the original.


michelle said...

i love the pic of ro-ro with the rust effect. and i love how you can see his little feet. :)

shoua said...

very cool texture! i haven't gotten around to playing with all that stuff yet. someday...someday... lol ;)

Christine said...

Oooo, i like the texture! you'll have to show me how to do that! my ps class starts tomorrow....hope i learn cool stuff like this!!!

Okema said...
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Okema said...

I have to dig through my photos from the Bogen cafe. It was so nice to meet you there.