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Monday, January 28, 2008

almost 33 months

Every mother believes that her child is the most amazing, little human being, but I have to say that I think I have the most unique one. Now that he is certifiably a little boy, I've noticed some very odd, yet cute things about him. I have been making notes for the past couple of weeks and will attempt to list them below:

1. Roan does the cutest little happy dance when he is very happy. He spins around and shakes his little bootee. Sometimes, he also says, "Shake-it, shake-it..."

2. It doesn't matter when we go to PBK, for some reason he always ends up with #2 in his diaper. I don't know if it's exceptionally calming there, but it works, every time. Thank goodness, they have very family friendly restrooms.

3a. Anyone who knows Roan, knows that he loves his blanket(s). He is actually very aware that he has more than one (we had two made to be identical). Sometimes, he'll pretend that one is, "Eww, dirty..." and proceeds to make a sound with his tongue that it's icky, just so that he can have them both because. Usually, we put the other one and his other back-up ones up high so that he cannot see or get to them.

3b. Lately, if his blankets are not around, he'll start chewing on his hat, scarf, mittens, my sweaters, and he'll even take his shoes off, just so that he can get to his socks and put them in his mouth. It's gross, but he usually wears slippers and shoes so I'm not too concerned about dirt.

4. He is intent on taking showers now, but not alone. He insists, "Too Mommy. Too Daddy." He loves his family showers. Unfortunately, our shower is not made for the whole family.

5. Roan's been referring to me as "Mom and Dad." It's really quite cute.

6. And this one I don't mind too much because I like that he is independent. Ever since he was little, he has always needed his alone time, much like me. Lately, however, he's been attached to me, but there are times in which I hear no noise so I go looking for him to see what mischief he has gotten into only to find that he is laying in his bed or on his playroom floor, chewing away on his blanket, just chilling out. I wonder what it is that he is thinking about in those moments.

7. Roan has this amazing ability to be able to separate the foods he likes from the ones he doesn't like inside his mouth. We have been trying, unsuccessfully, for about a year now to vary his food intake. We really want him to eat rice so that when we go to other people's homes, he will at least be able to eat something. Tonight, after trying the usual things, I hid a few grains in with his eggs and he ate it, but a few seconds later, he magically spit out the rice, fully in tact. I guess that'll be his party trick.

8. Roan is obsessed with spiders, except he calls them spiderman. He asks me to draw spiders of all different sizes.

9. Roan talks in his sleep. I didn't realize that there was a gene for this, but apparently, I passed it onto him.

I've been missing him a lot lately even though we are together as much as possible. I adore him and feel so blessed to be his mommy, even though, he cried for 30 minutes yesterday on the ride home from our museum trip without Choua. I still have no idea how it started. One minute he was contently watching a movie and then the next he's full out crying. Fun times...


Missy said...

Oh, those are all really great stories. You should print them out and put it somewhere safe so he can read them when he's older. :)

pakou said...

seperating food in your mouth is quite a talent :-). Roan is so adorable and I didn't realize he was going to be 3. For some reason I thought he was younger. I really like Roan's Hmong name too. My MIL and Mom always call my kids by their middle name, so they know what it is and they love their hmong names.

shoua said...

#1 is too cute. I totally agree with saving these for R to read when he gets older....what a treat.

Christine said...

your little chubby thigh baby is now a little man with LOTS of personality! enjoy every moment with him!

kristine said...

I love reading the "shake it, shake it" part. graycen shakes it too