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Friday, January 11, 2008

blessed new year

It's been quite a ride already and we're just in the second week of the New Year. I am filled with a wealth emotions right now. Thanks to my husband for letting me be evil and still snuggling with me in bed and telling me that I'm smokin...even though I am far from it.

This week, I learned that I was given the biggest raise that I have ever received. I work for a not-for-profit so it's not huge, but it's nice. I also learned that I was one of the people in our department that was given a little extra boost of a raise to acknowledge my hard work in 2007.

However, with this raise, I found that I am already knee-deep and very stressed out at work and I don't see relief anytime soon. In addition, there are a few things that I am handling on the home and personal front as well.

It's funny, two people have already asked me if I am mad at them because I've been short with my responses to them. Sorry peeps...not mad, just buried. So now, I am nervous because I just started getting my life back in order and fighting the victim mentality that sometimes creeps into the cracks of my brain. I am tired, frustrated, and stressed out. I was afraid it was going to bust at the seams.

And then I took a breath and realized, I'm not really that important. Nothing that I do is not something that every other working mom/wife does. I just need to get through the short term demands, plan for the obvious and realize that there are lots of things that might pop up. The up will eventually come down...smile...it'll make me feel better. If anyone has any other tips, I sure would like to hear it.

On a lighter and happier note, my mom will be visiting from Laos in a couple of weeks. I haven't seen her since their 35th wedding anniversary last (that's 2006) November so I am excited to go home and really be home. Even at this age, Mom is still home. My dad could not accompany her this time. :(


Missy said...

You said, "I'm not really that important." --- that's not true. You ARE important and your feelings of being overwhelmed do matter and you have every right to feel that way. You are right that other mom's go through it, too, so you are not alone --- but you are definitely important! :)

KH said...

I know you don't mean literally that you are really not important. I understand what you are trying to say. That in the scheme of life, in the grandness of our world, the brief time that you are in this moment, that at the end of the day, it too will pass. That whatever you are going through now, regardless of how big it is, will only be a small sliver of time in the scope of your life.

If anything, this way of thinking will help you keep everything in perspective. All you can do is your best, believe in yourself and strive to not let the stress get the best of you.

I am proud of you and trust that you will find the strength within yourself to over come, and persevere to be an even better mom, wife and colleague. Love - Kaohly

pakou said...

congrats on the raise Kaosong. I'm sure you deserved it :-). hang in there -- it's hard to wear so many hats all at once.

Minna said...

congrats on your raise! i bet you totally deserve it.