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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Finally...they are finally becoming friends. It's taken almost three years for Roan and his cousin, Gabe, to finally be chummy. I think Gabe is still a little afraid of Roan, since Roan tends to make himself at home anywhere he is...sometimes at the detriment to us and whomever's home we are in. But alas, I was able to capture one cute photo of the cousins.

Yesterday, we spent the morning at the Morton Arboretum for their annual "Trick or Trees". It's getting cold now. I'll post up a collage later (hopefully), but he was following another boy around because the other boy was Venom. The other boy was a little scared also, since Roan decided to be Mr. Incredible that morning. He lost his face mask for his Spiderman costume so we had to get him a new costume.

I asked Choua to take some photos of Roan and me and he did a great job!

This is why I love Autumn--colors! I just need to get a bike now so that I can take Roan for bike rides here. The Arboretum always has great events going on, like: theatre in the park, free wine tasting, and biking events.

Yesterday evening, I got the great idea to let him play with our rice grains. I had heard/read that children with sensory sensitivities like the feeling of rice (and sand). He played with the rice for over 1/2 an hour, until I made him stop. He tried so hard to put his feet and face in the rice, but since it's the stuff I bought for us to eat, I had to restrain him. I also found rice in his hair later. This morning, he and I picked up a big, shallow Tupperware so that I can put rice in it for him to play with now that it is winter.

He is speaking a lot more since he started preschool so I let my guard down. This made me realize that I still need to work with him on his sensory issues. I was so angry with him a few weeks ago when he was at soccer and could not focus. I have to remind myself that he is not purposely misbehaving. Oftentimes, it's very hard for me to find that line. I'm not complaining, I'm grateful. He is the best thing in my life that is filled with blessings.


KH said...

Kaosong - Roan's Spiderman mask is at our house. Do you want me to send it to you? I can try to get it in the mail today.

pakou said...

your hub did a great job with these pictures of you and roan. i wish tony knew how to take complimentary photos of me and my kids.