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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1st accumulated snow

Today I was supposed to take the afternoon off to go Xmas shopping, but I had some last minute work to do so I didn't. I think I am procrastinating because I have no idea what to get. My family does Secret Santa for the adults so I only have one chance to get it right.

Roan and I had the chance this morning to go out and enjoy the first accumulated snow of the year. He didn't want to go out at first because he loves staying home with me, but I coaxed him outside. Once he got out there though, he acted like he was at the beach! He rolled around in the snow and even put his face in it. He kept throwing it up in the air as well, like water.

Then I hard time getting him to go to daycare. Even M&M's didn't work. I felt so bad though, I haven't even bought him new winter boots yet. I guess I'll need to use my coupons to get him a good pair since it seems he'll spend a lot of time in the snow this year.

Oh...yes...and BTW...I finally ordered by holiday cards! Yay! Can't wait!

Below: When we first got outside. He had this silly little grin the whole time!

Jumping...he didn't get much air.

In a matter of seconds the sun moved this morning. I thought it was pretty amazing.

Yes...he is trying to eat the snow.

Ah...to be a child again!


shoua said...

Ohh..you guys did get the rest of the storm that dumped all the snow on us! :) R is so cute...great pix.

kristine said...

very cute! kids are so fun and cute in the snow - well, ifg they like it!

michelle said...

aww ro-ro! i love it kaosong! he looks like he's having so much fun!

pakou said...

too cute! we haven't gotten too much snow yet (knock on wood). max had a coat similiar to that when he was 4 -- a gift from his uncle from baby gap.

pakou said...

it was morning sickness for most of the trip then the flu for the rest of the trip :-/. thank you for the congrats. we're very excited...but it's been a long time and i definitely remember why i hated being pregnant!

Minna said...

hey cute pictures! btw, Max has the same coat too. is Roan's from gap too? how funny that they have same coat & boots.