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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

channeling kojak

We had a special celebration to commemorate Roan's new haircut while Choua was camping with his buddies over the weekend. It included candles and singing, "Happy Birthday." I don't think I've ever seen Roan's bare head before. He came out with the softest, sweetest hair.

Now that he can change his own clothes, he'll go into his own drawers and look for his super hero PJ's and change into them at a whim. I found him like this on Sunday before Choua got home. He was completely dressed. BTW...I went back to Walmart to get more of these cute PJ's (and in Superman also), but they were all gone. If anyone finds any size 3s or 4s, please let me know or pick them up for me. I'll pay you for them.

Don'cha love the twisted shorts? He hasn't quite perfected the pulling the bottoms up right.


pakou said...

wow. i didn't think a "short cut" meant shaving him almost bald :-). he's still adorable regardless!

kristine said...

wow. i also didn't think "short cut" meant shaved head!! it's still super cute!
i love the superhero pjs!

Minna said...

too cute! i'm trying to grow out Max's hair right now. i miss his long hair.
kudos to Roan for being able to change his own clothes. Max is too lazy to do it.